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  • Fatwood Firestarter Kindling Mini Bundle

    Fatwood Firestarter Kindling Mini Bundle


    This is “The World's Best Fire Starter” and a must-have when you want to get your hearth ablaze in no time. This 100% natural pine wood, is resin-filled, chemical-free, and lights up instantly. It only takes two small pieces to get your fire started. Mini bundles are approximately two pounds.

  • capitol bundle

    The Capitol – Large Hardwood Firewood Bundle

    2.96 out of 5

    The Capitol Hardwood Firewood Bundle is 33% larger than our standard firewood bundle and has a Fatwood Firestarter kindling handle. This 1 cubic feet firewood bundle will keep you stoking the flames longer and allowing more time for spirited conversations with your guests.

  • hibernating-bear-01

    Hibernating Bear Package

    3.03 out of 5

    Hunker down for the winter with our biggest and best package. Getting snowed in sounds more like a vacation when you have plenty of firewood and firestarters to fight off the winter blues. While everyone else is shoveling their sidewalk, they'll smell your fire burning and wish it was coming from their chimney.

  • Hardwood Firewood Bundle

    Hardwood Firewood Bundle


    This wood is bound with natural and biodegradable sisal binders twine and stored in a dry storage location. Bundle is approximately 0.75 cubic ft.

  • Sale! Uniflame Premium 11 Inch Matches

    Uniflame Premium 11 Inch Matches

    $3.99 $2.99

    Uniflame extra heavy duty premium 11 inch matches will ignite your fire and keep your hands safe from the heat. Great for reaching under kindling to get to the base. Comes in a box of 50 matches.

  • long-warm-night-package_3

    Long Warm Night Package

    2.97 out of 5

    Your fire will burn all night long with this stout package. The only concern is if you have enough wine to sip in front of the dancing flames and crackling logs.

  • Double Chocolate Cocoa Dream, Firewood Gift Basket

    Double Chocolate Cocoa Dream, Firewood Gift Basket


    Give your chocolate fanatic the ultimate chance to melt into a warm, creamy, dark chocolate dream with this bountiful gift basket. It is packed with hardwood firewood, fatwood firestarter kindling, long stemmed matches, marshmallows, and an 8 count box of double chocolate, rich, velvety hot cocoa.
    1 8 Count Package of Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix
    1 Package of Vanilla Marshmallows Drizzled with Mint Chocolate
    1 Hardwood Firewood Bundle
    1 Fatwood Firestarter Kindling Mini-Bundle
    1 Uniflame Extra Heavy Duty Premium Box of 11 inch Matches
    1 Durable Large Handled Willow Basket – 22″ top diameter, 16″ bottom diameter, 9″ height (without handle), 22″ height (with handle)